GES and MSCE Attend the Dawan District Blockchain Development Summit

Last June 10, 2018, MSCE & Galaxy eSolutions, together with the Guangdong Provincial Cultural Association, the Guangdong Provincial Long March Cultural Promotion Association, and the Guangdong Internet Economy participated in the Dawan District Blockchain Development Summit Forum at the W Hotels in Guangzhou.

This event aspires to educate the audience about the blockchain technology, share strategies and best practices, and learn from insightful guest speakers. Additionally, it also aims to explore new development ideas in this technology, its applications, value, and promote the development of blockchain technology.

Distinguished guests like founder of MSCE Lu Peng, Hong Kong Galaxy eSolutions founder Yuen Wong, founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Investment Fund Wang Junwen, and the famous financial bilingual host Ai Cheng took part in this forum to introduce new features, discussed the innovation and application in the blockchain era.

The forum attracted more than a thousand blockchain industry stakeholders and enthusiasts. The event was reported live by at least 60 domestic media groups like Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV, Pearl River Channel, iqiyi, Tencent video, just to name a few.

The event highlighted MSCE and Galaxy eSolutions’ global strategic partnership to use second-hand mobile phone circulation as an entry point to build a de-channelized, de-intermediated mobile phone aftermarket network ecological chain, dedicated to providing consumers worldwide with the most competitive High-quality, low-cost digital consumer electronics products.

During the roundtable, Yuen Wong, Wang Junwen and Wong Peng, alongside Duan Fengling (founder of Cointreau), Huang Songping (founder of acceleration), and expressed their opinions and discussed the future development and reform of the blockchain.

Supported by the research association, Guangdong Advertising Association, Hong Kong Blockchain Industry Association, Hong Kong Flash Net Finance, Coupon, Future Finance, Peking Capital, Byte Capital, and World Chain Finance.

You can also view the video here: