Further Cooperation Development with MSCE

Dear Community,

As you may know from previous announcements that we have been working closely with MSCE, another project that shares a very similar vision in this circular economy in the refurbished consumer electronics especially mobile phones in China.

Photo taken with MSCE CEO Lu Peng (mid), COO Teng Kaming (left), CEO of GES Joe Chan (right)

We have come to a further development of the relationship today that we are to form a stronger alliance in our projects including but not limited to:

Sharing of Community

We will also be made instantly available to a community size of 150,000+ users in exchange with the availability of ours. This certainly increases the users and usages of both MSCE & GES tokens. The demographics of the 2 communities are different and with very limited overlapping. MSCE’s goal is to grow theirs to 1 million+ within Q4 2018.

MSCE displaying the video taken on 2nd Aug, community size grew from 40K breaking the 100K mark on WeChat within 24 hrs. There now have 150K+ active users aiming for 1mil+ in Q4 2018.

Dapp development

We have also agreed on the idea of co-development of the dapp as the ecosystem platform and therefore we can share the technical know-how to each other and greatly shorten the time needed and become more cost effective. The platform would therefore be able to accepts both Tokens and further increase the circulation volume. Of course there will be more details needed to be discussed including the token value on the platform and some other technical considerations.

We are looking forward to this closer relationship and brings quicker achievements in short future.

For those who would like to find out more about MSCE:

MSCE (http://msce.vip), a second-hand mobile phone recycling and trading blockchain-based marketplace, operating in China.

Read more about the strategic partnership post…

More updates is following as our team is giving their best effort over weekends.


Wish you guys a nice weekend,

Joe Chan


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