Galaxy eSolutions Forms Strategic Partnership with MSCE

The management of Galaxy eSolutions (GES) is pleased to announce that it has strategically invested roughly 1M USD in MSCE (, a second-hand mobile phone recycling and trading blockchain-based marketplace, operating in China. This project was founded by the creators of, Pine Huang and Jack Keo.

From Left to Right: GES CEO Yuen Wong, CEO Pine Huang, and COO Jack Keo, (a.k.a. 加速度 in Chinese) is a hugely successful O2O (Online to Offline) phone repairs business. It has raised several million USD from renowned venture capitalists and angel investors, including Jingfeng Lin, a top ten investor in Maotai, the Chinese National Liquor, and Quanling Zhang, a renowned CCTV Hostess. now has presence in more than 15 Chinese cities, and has a turnover of more than 15M USD. service outlets in China
Pine Huang (left), the founder of, won the “Win in China” business award, and hence presented the prize by Alibaba CEO, Zhe Wei (right) and pictured together.

GES and MSCE believe that this strategic partnership will flourish since it is not just a win-win for both parties, but also strategically complementary in many respects:

  • GES’ focus is building an ecosystem centered on Global markets beyond China, while MSCE’s focus is exclusive to the Chinese market;
  • MSCE will advise GES on setting up a O2O/C2B phone-collection business, while GES will impart knowledge on running a marketplace;
  • GES and MSCE will also exchange knowledge and technical expertise on building and incorporating the blockchain aspects into ecosystems;
  • Both parties will exchange all resources, and could even merge, and one day become the true market leader of the sharing and circular economy of pre-owned and refurbished electronics.

GES and MSCE will hold a major blockchain conference that will have more than 1000 attendees who will witness the strategic partnership’s signing ceremony. The conference will have renowned guest speakers such as BTC China ( and Bitcoin Diamond Founder, Linke Yang. We will be honoured to have you with us in this event, to be held on 10th of June at W Hotel (Guangzhou).

More interesting news to follow.


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