Tokens allocation and Funds

  • 75%funded
  • $25,000,000pledged
  • 10backers
What we are going to offer in return for your trust and investment in us
We will run a generous market buy-back model and use 20% of our annual profit for the next 10 years. You find more details about our buy-back model in our white paper.
You will be able to use GES token to buy refurbished smartphones and other refurbished consumer electronics on our websites and marketplaces. Literally all GES tokens are backed by real values - this acts as a value back guarantee for our token purchasers.

About GES

Galaxy eSolutions Limited (‘GES’) is a Global Cross-border Ecommerce business that is set to become the Market Leader in Pre-owned and Refurbished Consumer Electronics Sector. It is HQ’ed in Hong Kong and set its vision on Global Markets.


Galaxy eSolutions ICO rating Galaxy eSolutions ICO rating

Our Team

  • Yuen Wong

    Co-Founder & CEO

    (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Joe Chan


    (Chief Technology Officer)

  • Erik Hohmann


    (Chief Marketing Officer)

  • Chris Wong


    (Chief Operation Officer)

Professional and Compliance Team

  • Simon Choi

    Fintech, Blockchain & Global ICO Lawyer

  • Pranav Burnwal

    Region Head

    at Blockchain Education Network & Senior Application Developer

  • Brennan Bennett

    Blockchain Technology Consultant

Business and Advisory Team

  • Abdulaziz Aljouf

    Founder & CEO at Paytabs 

  • Jordan Miller

    Founder at Paradigm Agency

  • Dr John Wong

    Executive Vice Chairman

    at Executives' Global Network

  • Neil Thomas

    CEO & Founder at Muzaara

  • Stanley Lee

    The President at E-Commerce Association of Hong Kong

  • Ken Wong

    GM at Continental Global Service Ltd &
    Executive Officer at E-commerce Association of Hong Kong

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    Block Show Asia

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    Crypto Currency World Expo

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About GES & Token

What is Galaxy eSolutions (GES) all about?

Galaxy eSolutions Limited is creating a global marketplace for refurbished, pre-owned smartphones and other consumer electronics.

We source. We refurbish. We distribute.

The entire business process is managed by us. Our customers buy online from about 26 countries and get to own products they love, but do not want to buy new. By positioning ourselves as a green company, through the process of recycling and refurbishing, we can appeal directly to the environmentally-aware customers.

To find out more look at our Whitepaper.


What are GES tokens?

GES tokens are a form of utility tokens made for the GES Initial Coin Offering (ICO), also called Crowdsale, and in order to purchase them Ethers are needed. Ethers are the cryptocurrency from the Ethereum network. The tokens can then be used in exchange for Ethers or to buy products from our current e-commerce site NDBD and our new GES site in the future.


Where and How do I buy tokens?

You buy GES tokens from the GES ICO/Crowdsale.

Then enter details of the transaction of tokens, such as the amount you want to purchase and when prompted your public-address, from there the transaction will take place.

Look below for a step-by-step process of “How to buy GES tokens.”

The transaction of the GES tokens and ethers will take place on the blockchain platform where they will be secure.


Do I use Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase tokens?

The cryptocurrency by Ethereum is called Ethers (“ETH”) and it is the only way of payment for GES tokens. You cannot use Bitcoin to make a purchase of GES tokens.

You can use Shapeshift service to convert your Bitcoins to Ethereum and then use it to buy GES tokens.

For more info click here for our “How to buy GES tokens.”


Can I buy GES token with USD, Euro, GBP or RMB?

No, you cannot directly buy GES tokens with traditional (fiat) currency like USD, Euros, RMB or GBP. You need to use the cryptocurrency Ethers to purchase GES tokens, and to buy the cryptocurrency, yes, you can use traditional currency. You need to buy Ethers from an exchange like Coinbase, Kraken or Gemini.


Important Note: Please do not send Ethers from exchange accounts as you will not receive GES back to your account. Please transfer fund from exchange to personal wallet like Ethereum or MyEtherWallet and then buy GES tokens.


How many tokens will be created and sold?

There will be a maximum of 3,000,000 GES tokens based on the hard/maximum cap of 25000 ETH. The tokens are manufactured based on the amount of ETH raised. So if the raised is less there eventually will be equivalent less number of tokens created.

The company manufactures an additional 11% of total tokens sold in the Pre Sale and ICO.


Is there a limit to how many tokens can one purchase?

No, you can purchase as many utility tokens based on their availability at that time.


What happens after all tokens are sold during the first pre-sale?

If all 200,000 tokens are sold during phase one of our pre-sale we will enter immediately into pre-sale phase 2 and start pre-sale phase 2 with a 20% bonus for another 300,000 token.


What happens if all tokens during the pre-sale are sold before the 8th of December?

If all 1,000,000 tokens are sold during our 3 weeks pre-sale we will enter immediately into our ICO which will last until the 16th of January.


Will I receive my tokens after the transaction is successful?

Yes, as soon as your transaction is picked out of the pool by miners, declared valid and put into a block and then added to a blockchain; that will mean that it is successful and you will receive them into your wallet. The process may take a while, so please wait patiently.

How to buy GES Token?

Step 1. Start with a Wallet

We recommend using myEtherWallet:

Please follow this link to guide you through the wallet creation.

In order to participate in GES Token sale you will need to have Ether (ETH).

You can purchase ETH with your Visa or Master card by using such services as:

- Changelly:


- Coinbase

Some of these service providers are more expensive than others, please conduct your own research regarding where to purchase Ethereum at the best rate.


Step 2. Contributing Tutorial

For myEtherWallet Access your myEtherWallet account. Once you have accessed your wallet, you can navigate to the "Contracts" tab

You should now be able to select the "Galaxy eSolutions ICO" contract from the "Select Existing Contract" dropdown.

Note that it's address should be: [ICO Contract address]

Click the "Access" button. This will then pop up below a "Read/Write Contract" section, with a "Select a Function" dropdown.

You can now select the function you wish to access using the dropdown, and it will either show you the value of the query (for example if you check isStarted, it will return "True" or "False") or it will present you with a "Write" button.

Click the "Write" button, and it will prompt you any variables to provide, and an amount of ether to send. So for example if you are calling "Contribute" you can send in Ether this way to contribute to the ICO.

If you wish to check the balance of a contributor, choose checkEthBalance function, and provide the address you want to check.

Note: MyEtherWallet now has native support for the Galaxy eSolutions ICO and GES Token. When you go to the Contracts page on step 2 above, you can now select the Galaxy eSolutions ICO from the dropdown instead of all the copying and pasting!


Step 3. Smart Contract Details

Transfer ETH to the following address to receive GES
1ETH = 100 GES Token
Only ETH is accepted
Minimum contribution = 0.1 ETH
Contract will distribute GES tokens immediately upon received ETH
DO NOT send funds from exchanges
Set Gas Limit to 200,000
By participating in the ICO, you agree to our crowdsale terms
View crowdsale contract


What is ICO and how does it work?

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” or “Initial Crowd Offering”, it is similar to IPO “Initial Public Offering”, as it is a way of raising funds. But instead the fund is raised through the sale (‘offering’) of a digital asset of cryptocurrency, a coin or token.

ICOs generally work with tokens, where a certain amount of are first created and then are sold during the ICO period in exchange for cryptocurrencies such as Ethers.

After the ICO period ends, they can be sold on crypto-exchanges where with the market supply and demand of the tokens can determine the market value. In our case we offer GES utility tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase goods on our website or traded in open market.


What is a token sale?

Token sale is another term for ICO, as such that the digital crypto-asset created in order to sell is called a “token”.


How does this ICO work?

The GES tokens system is built on the Ethereum network using the blockchain technology, so every transaction is encrypted and secure. It operates as an open source ledger, whereby anyone interested can participate and trade.

You will need to exchange your fiat currency such as USD, RMB or Euro into Ethers. With Ethers you can purchase GES tokens. For 1 Ether we offer 100 GES token.


What is a Ethereum Network?

Ethereum network is based on Blockchain technology that can be used to make smart contracts or exchange in value using the Ether tokens. It is a separate cryptocurrency from Bitcoin. For more details refer to


What is Blockchain technology?

It is a decentralized storage of transactional data in multiple nodes which make up a block and then added to other blocks that essentially create a “blockchain”. It is made up of distributed ledger, that happens step-by-step, between two parties who want to make a transaction.

As normal transactions, each participant have their own ledgers to look at and be responsible for, in blockchain all the parties involved are looking at the same ledger. Therefore, no errors, frauds or inefficiencies.

The data that is admitted into the blockchain cannot thereafter be altered.


How does the blockchain technology platform work?

Blockchain is made up of several blocks that are added next to each other filled with several transactional data each. The flow of the blockchain is:

The transaction details are filled by the funder and sent.It goes to a pool of other transactions by other people.It gets picked by miner/miners and then they use complicated equations to see if it is valid.If it is declared valid then it gets added to block.The block is then added to the chain of others where thereafter cannot be altered in any way.

What will I get from participating this ICO?

You can also use your GES tokens and buy our high quality refurbished products like smartphones and drones from one of our websites. Basically you can’t make a loss with us and the value of all tokens is backed up - a fallback price to be used on our website.

Moreover we will give occasional promotional offers exclusively for our token holders.

We also have a commitment that we will burn/destroy tokens from profits (20% to be precise) for showing value appreciation to our tokens. Indirectly giving value to all the token holders, just our way of showing appreciation for the trust you establish by backing it up.


How will I know if my transaction of the tokens was successful?

You can check your transaction reference (hash) on to check if it’s the same. Once it is approved and mined successfully the tokens will be automatically added to your wallet address.


Where will the token sale be available?

The token being an utility tokens are allowed in major legislations of the world [except China*]. We still prefer you to consult your lawyer before contributing to our project.

Due to strict and uncertain legislation GES tokens will be unavailable to people living in China.


Are buying and selling cryptocurrencies legal?

Yes, as most cryptocurrencies are based on decentralized platforms there aren’t many legislations in place to “ban” cryptocurrencies. However, legislations like that differ from country to country, even within a country the states may have different enforcements regarding these digital currencies. To find out more you can use this article: to see the legislations in place for your country.


Can I convert GES tokens to fiat (traditional) currency?

No, you cannot convert GES tokens to traditional currency from Galaxy-ESolutions, you can only do that with Ethers from cryptocurrency exchanges. However, you will be able to trade GES tokens to Ethers or other currency after one month of the token sale completion.

This, however, will depend on the exchange you are trading the GES tokens on. Please get in touch with your exchange to see the services they provide.


When will this ICO end?

This ICO will end on 15th January 2018, or when the desired amount of 25000 ETH is reached before the official ICO end date.


How do I know if this ICO is real and not a scam?

Since the evolution and hype of Bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, there has also been a rise in digital scammers.

We will never ask for your private key to make transactions. So beware of such scams.

You can securely check the websites online or look at reviews given to them by other people. You can also look up our company registration and the websites where we started selling our refurbished products: NDBD.

Please take time and read our Terms and Conditions, in compliance with Hong Kong Legislation.


What is a Wallet?

Wallets give a public address to access personal cryptocurrency account and information and gives a private key to use for transactions. 

Four types of wallets:

- The web wallet is online that can be used instantly to make transactions.
- The software wallet is downloaded onto a computer and to open it requires a Bitcoin blockchain as a file onto the same computer. Mobile wallets through an app.
- Paper wallet that has two QR codes.
- Hardware wallet where bitcoin information can be stored onto physical devices.

Do I need to use a wallet or can I send directly from an exchange?

You need to use a wallet to purchase GES tokens, but you need Ethers to do that. So, you need an exchange to buy Ethers to perform the transaction between Ethers and GES tokens.

Here is an article that shows the difference between a wallet and an exchange:

What is a public-address key and a private key?

A public-address key is the key that holds your account information and you use it to open your wallet in order to make payments. So, it is more like your credit/debit card number.

A Private key is the key you use to actually make payments/transactions. It is a code that accesses your funds. Similar to the pin you have for your card. You can also add a password, that will further give your security as such that for your private key (pin) you have a password.


Transactions and Fees

Why is my transaction not going through?

Transactions operating on the blockchain platform require a group of miners to reach to a consensus of confirming each transaction, so it can be a while for the transaction to go through to a blockchain. But blockchains can become busy during a token sale period so it can take quite a while for miners to choose your transaction from the pool where all un-mined transaction lay after submitting the details through. But if you put enough fees (gas) on your transaction it will sway miners to choose yours first.Please use the minimum gas mentioned in the GAS section to avoid transaction failure.


Look below for more details on ‘Gas’.


Will I be charged any transaction fees?

Yes, you will be charged a fee of making the transaction (called gas, see below for more details). You have to pay it regardless of your transaction succeeding or failing, because miners have to mine each transaction that comes through. However, this is the only fees that you will be paying extra for.  Please use the minimum gas mentioned in the GAS section to avoid transaction failure.


Why do I have to pay transaction fees?

You have to pay a certain amount of transaction fees to that will cover the cost of actually sending it through and to give miners their commission. But the amount you pay will also determine the status of your transaction, in terms of the successful or failed transaction.


What is Gas?

Gas is the payment for any transactions sent on the blockchain. It is paid in ETH (Ethers).  The transaction cost is worked out by equation below:

Gas Limit x Gas Price

Ethereum transaction fee is 20 GWEI (0.00000002 ETH) per gas (unit).

So, 21000 units at 20 GWEI = 0.00042 ETH (21000 is the gas limit for general transactions, and you pay in ethers).

The Gas limit is the maximum amount of gas you agree on spending on the transaction, and the units of gas are decided based on the code that is permitted on the blockchain.

You need to pay enough gas limit, because it covers the cost of the transaction and miners who mine it, otherwise your transaction will fail and be classed due to ‘Out of Gas’.

Also, the amount you pay determines the speed of your transaction being mined and put on a blockchain. It actually puts you first in line.

You can use this link: to see what the miners are mining, and to set a gas limit that will put you ahead of others in the mining line.

*Important* How much GAS do I need to pay to buy the GES token?

You have to pay 100200 GAS for the transaction to buy the tokens.

Less gas can lead to failure of transaction not being processed entirely or fail in multiple ways. Less gas will essentially be consumed by miners with no productive output essentially leading to lose your GAS amount. In case of failed transaction the amount will be returned to your account without the GAS amount.

When can I start trading GES tokens?

GES tokens will be locked for one month from the end of ICO on the 15th January 2018 until 15th February 2018, or for one month from the actual completion date of the ICO (this will depend on if the target cap of 25000 ETH is achieved before the ICO closure date), whichever is achieved earlier.

Galaxy eSolutions Ltd.

2 Easy Steps to Buy GES Tokens


Do not use any wallet of your exchange account or generated by your exchange account such as Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase & Jaxx Wallet.


The first step is that you need to create a wallet and fund it before buying GES tokens.

If you already have a wallet ready you may skip to Step 2.


Here are the steps to create your wallet. You may also refer to the video we prepared.

We strongly recommend using MyEtherWallet:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter a strong but easy to remember password.

  3. Click the "Generate Wallet" button.

  4. Click the "Download" button & save your Keystore / UTC file. Back it up.

  5. Read the warning. If you understand it and promise not to lose your private key, click the "I understand. Continue"button.

  6. You now have the option of printing a paper wallet, saving your private key, or saving a QR code of your private key. Back up at least one (offline).

  7. Then click "Next: Save your Address"

  8. Unlock your wallet that you just created using the Keystore / UTC file you just downloaded or the private key.

  9. Save your address to a text document & bookmark the link to it on

  10. Ensure all information matches. Don't lose this information. Double check your work. Don't be dumb.


After that you will need Ether (ETH) to buy GES tokens. Here is a list of reputable services you can use the following services to buy and sell ETH / Tokens / fiat (USD, EUR, etc.). There are many, many more out there but these are the ones we are familiar with :

Not all exchanges support all coin types and fiat types, so take a look around to find one that fits your location and circumstances.

  • Bitfinex

  • Bittrex

  • Bity

  • Changelly

  • Coinbase

  • Gemini

  • Kraken

  • Liqui

  • Poloniex

  • Shapeshift


Do not use any wallet of your exchange account or generated by your exchange account such as Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase & Jaxx Wallet.


Buying GES tokens is easy, you may follow the steps below and you will get your GES tokens in minutes:

  1. Navigate to the "Send Ether & Tokens" page:

  2. Select how you would like to unlock your wallet & unlock it.

    • In Step 1 we recommended Keystore / UTC file and password method.

  3. Enter the Smart Contract address: 0x632393de9dd19b5fd0cc0c4ff17aa674b2f0a1c0

  4. Enter the amount in ETH you would like to send.

    • You can also click the "Send Entire Balance" link if you would like the transfer the entire balance.]

  5. Set "Gas Limit" to: 150,000

  6. Click "Generate Transaction".

  7. A couple more fields will appear. This is your browser generating the transaction.

  8. Click the blue "Send Transaction" button below that.

  9. A pop-up will appear. Double-check the amount, type of coin, and the address are correct.

  10. Click "Yes, I am sure! Make transaction." button.

  11. The transaction will be submitted. The TX Hash will display. You can click that TX ID to see it on the blockchain.

  12. Once the transaction is successfully processed, the GES tokens will be allocated automatically to your wallet.


Step 1. Create a Wallet

The first step is that you need to create a wallet and fund it before buying GES tokens.

If you already have a wallet ready you may skip to Step 2.

We recommend using myEtherWallet:

*Follow our Complete Guide to set up yours and buy GES tokens in minutes.


In order to participate in GES Token sale you will need to have Ether (ETH).

You can purchase ETH with your Visa or Master card by using such services as:

Some of these service providers are more expensive than others, please conduct your own research regarding where to purchase Ethereum at the best rate.


Do not use any wallet of your exchange account or generated by your exchange account such as Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase & Jaxx Wallet.



Step 2. Buy GES Tokens

Buying GES tokens is easy, What you need to do is simply transfer Ethers (ETH) from your wallet into the Smart contract 0x632393de9dd19b5fd0cc0c4ff17aa674b2f0a1c0 .

*Follow our Complete Guide to set up yours and buy GES tokens in minutes.


Do not use any wallet of your exchange account or generated by your exchange account such as Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase & Jaxx Wallet.


Smart Contract Details

Transfer ETH to the following address to receive GES


1ETH = 100 GES Token (up to 30% boost in pre-sale)

Only ETH is accepted

Minimum contribution = 0.1 ETH

Gas Limit = 150,000

Contract will distribute GES tokens immediately upon received ETH

By participating in the ICO, you agree to our crowdsale terms


How can I view my tokens?
Any ERC-20 token can be added to your local MyEtherWallet interface by following these instructions. In a new tab, open Myetherwallet and navigate to the “Send Ether & Tokens” page on MyEtherWallet.
Unlock your wallet.
Click “Add Custom Token” on the right side.
Enter the token address: 0xCd5eb0fc6564A01c682cf83a02668CF5C8851802. Identifier as “GES” and decimal as 18.
Click “Save”.

The alternative way to open Ether Wallet on Metamask: