GES and Sharder: The Journey and the FUD


I have known Ben Xiong, the CEO of Sharder for a year and we basically clicked since we also shared the same belief that blockchain would not only change ecommerce, but also the world.

As Galaxy eSolutions (‘GES’) is building an ambitious hybrid ecommerce ecosystem, we discussed and decided to form a strategic partnership with Sharder.

This partnership involves marketing for each other, GES team assists Sharder in marketing activities outside China, while Sharder assists GES in marketing to the Chinese crypto community. Both teams than agreed to be each other’s team of advisors.

Not only that, GES will become Sharder’s strategic client while Sharder becomes GES’ strategic developer. To make this relationship strong and lasting with aligned interests, both parties agreed to exchange and hold each party’s tokens in significant amount.

I decided to travel from Hong Kong to Chongqing, China (1,097 km apart) in one day to visit the team in order to understand more and strengthen the partnership.

This is where Sharder is located (left);, just right beside, a Chinese unicorn and also a stakeholder in Sharder. (right)
Pictured with Ben Xiong, a serial entrepreneur and a graduate from a top tier Chinese university.
We exchanged views on the blockchain model and structure.
Had a great business lunch with the Sharder’s team, very talented and very dedicated. All graduated from top universities in China and USA. GES is lucky to have such partnership.

Everything was good and rosy, until somehow some FUD started to appear (despite the fact that both teams have mentioned about the partnership). See Twitter posts here:

here are allegations that team members are fake, since members appeared twice in ICO teams. One even mentioned that how could I, being the CEO of GES, moonlight as Sharder’s Marketing Lead? Then the FUD started to self manifest, and reached a hilarious level that even our CTO’s university degree was questioned, along with our ‘questionable’ advisors.

As such, I had a discussion call with Sharder’s CEO, and agreed that perhaps in their whitepaper, they should include my title as GES’ CEO. And mention more obviously on our partnership where possible.

Oh…What the FUD! LOL.


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